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Boiler Repair in Essex

You may not know, but your boiler manufacturer recommends that you should have your boiler inspected and serviced by a qualified professional at least once a year. Despite this, many people choose to skip their regular servicing under the false belief that it will save them money.

The reality is that putting off your boiler service will end up costing you more, not less.

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is important to maintain its efficiency, performance and safety. During a professional service, a qualified heating engineer can identify and fix potential problems before they become critical, ensuring that your boiler is operating safely and at its best. Regular servicing also extends the lifespan of your boiler, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and can save you money on energy bills as well as expensive repairs.

MLH Plumbing & Heating
A team of trustworthy & reliable gas safe registered engineers near you

We are MLH, a team of gas safe registered engineers and boiler specialists located in Romford. We provide reliable central heating system servicing and can ensure your gas boiler runs efficiently all year round.

We have been providing annual boiler services and emergency boiler repairs to our customers for many years, helping them get their boilers running again when they need us most.

We understand that no one likes to spend money on boiler repairs. Therefore, we make an effort to keep the repair costs to a minimum by only replacing the necessary parts and avoiding any unnecessary work.

We are heating engineers with full accreditation whose top priority is providing excellent customer service in a friendly manner. Our experts in plumbing and heating can perform maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring both homeowners and business owners stay comfortable and warm.

Booking your annual boiler service with MLH is simple. Just contact our team today, and we will schedule an appointment for you.


Why is it important to get your boiler serviced?

Boilers and cars have a lot in common because we often don't realise how much we depend on them until they break down. While it's not always preventable, it's important to be proactive and schedule an annual service to avoid needing boiler repair.

It maintains cost-efficiency and ensures smooth operations.

Regular boiler servicing is important to avoid potential issues and reduce energy bills. Neglected boilers perform worse and are less energy-efficient, resulting in higher costs. Therefore, a fully serviced boiler burns fuel more efficiently than an unserviced one that will only increase your monthly bills.

It makes sure that your boiler is safe and follows regulations.

A neglected boiler is not only inefficient, but could also be dangerous. A boiler with a fault can leak dangerous carbon monoxide which is an odourless gas that can cause serious health problems and even death. To ensure safety, all gas boilers must be serviced annually by a qualified professional.

It keeps your warranty valid

Boiler manufacturers require proof of regular servicing before honoring any warranty claims. This is to demonstrate that you have taken proper care of your boiler and that any mechanical issues were not caused by neglect.

It maintains the cleanliness of your water.

Boiler servicing keeps the temperature of your water hot and consistent throughout the taps and radiators in your home. Heating water is known to serve an important anti-microbial function, killing germs and keeping you and your family safe from waterborne illnesses and infections.

How much does a boiler servicing cost in Romford?

To accurately determine the price of servicing your boiler, we always recommend speaking with our team.

This is due to the fact that boiler servicing costs are based on factors such as:

  • Your boiler's age
  • The type of boiler and the brand
  • The current condition of your boiler and its service history

Also, please note that if we discover a critical safety issue with your boiler during the assessment, it will need to be resolved without delay.

Though we can't give you an exact price here, it's easy to get one in a matter of minutes. Simply call our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team to receive your very own free quote with no obligation. These are available to all customers who need a boiler service or repair in Romford.

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in Romford but also cover other areas throughout Essex, including:

  • Shoeburyness
  • Southend On Sea
  • Leigh On Sea
  • Canvey Island
  • Basildon
  • Pitsea
  • Grays
  • Tilbury
  • and many more

What is a Gas Safe engineer and why do I need one for my boiler servicing?

A Gas Safe registered plumber is qualified and certified to work safely and legally on gas appliances, such as boilers. Gas appliances that are not installed, maintained or serviced correctly can cause gas leaks, fires or even explosions, which can lead to property damage, injuries or fatalities.

A Gas Safe plumber has the necessary training, experience and equipment to ensure that your boiler operates safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers. It is a legal requirement to use a Gas Safe Registered engineer for any gas-related work in the UK.

Do you carry out emergency boiler repairs in Romford?

Yes we do!

With our emergency boiler repair service, one of our professional engineers will come to your location quickly and fix your boiler. Our repairs are completed to the highest standards and our goal is to get your boiler working again as soon as possible.

Call on MLH for your the service of your central heating system

At MLH, our team comprises of skilled and certified boiler engineers who take pride in delivering exceptional service on every job. We are well-versed in servicing all common boiler and central heating systems and are available for emergency callouts as well.

Get in touch with our team today to speak with a qualified engineer. You can receive advice or schedule a boiler check and service. We offer flexible timing and can send a plumber to your home, business, school, or office to fix any issues and conduct boiler repair or service.

For affordable boiler servicing, expert advice and a free, no obligation quote, get in touch with the team at MLH Plumbing & Heating today.

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